Couric: Like Cronkite, I Get 'Grief From Both Sides Of Aisle'

Katie Couric provided some comic relief on this morning's Early Show, preaching the importance of objectivity in reporting.  As evidence of her impartiality, the CBS Evening News anchor cited the fact that, as did Cronkite, she has gotten "grief from both sides of the aisle."

Now I suppose some of the more radical elements of the Red Army Faction might have found something to quibble with in Couric's coverage over the years.  But how can the woman who has come to epitomize MSM liberal bias suggest with a straight face that criticism has come in comparable degree from the left and right?

Couric appeared as part of CBS's continuing coverage of Cronkite's passing and career.  Her description of a dinner she had with him at the time she took over as Evening News anchor included this gem.

KATIE COURIC: He also talked about being fair and impartial and objective and said that he got grief from both sides of the aisle--as have I--during the course of my career but it made me feel much better about some of the criticism you often take when you're in this position.

Couric has been a veritable treasure trove of liberal bias, as our parent organization MRC has documented over the years, as here. A crowning moment of Couric's career came when she was awarded MRC's 2007 Dan Rather Award for Stupidest Analysis, for lecturing Condi Rice about America's role in the world.

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