Shocking Headline: 'Some on Left Souring on Obama'

Here's a headline you'd never expect to see at a left-of-center website so soon in the new President's first term:

Some on Left Souring on Obama

Maybe even more shocking was the content in Josh Gerstein's Politico piece that was so prominently placed as the feature story on the site's front page Sunday:

Barely four months into his presidency, Obama is confronting growing dissatisfaction among members of his liberal base, who feel spurned by a series of his early decisions on issues ranging from guns to torture to immigration to gay rights.

The list got longer last week as Obama reversed his earlier decision to release photos of detainees abused in U.S. military custody and announced plans to try some terror suspects before military commissions – though on the campaign trail he railed against earlier versions of the tribunals.

A few, like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, have even hurled the left’s ultimate epithet – suggesting that Obama’s turning into George W. Bush.

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