MSNBC Uses Daily Kos GOP Logo to Bash 'Grand Obsolete Party'

Has General Electric's news division at MSNBC officially announced its unequivocal support for the far-left in this nation while abandoning what little remains of its journalistic integrity?

Before answering, consider that during Monday's "Countdown," a new GOP logo, created for the perilously liberal website Daily Kos, was used  in a hit piece thoroughly disparaging the Republican Party.

Is this really what the good folks at GE think qualifies as journalism (video embedded below the fold, h/t Johnny Dollar):

Take a look at the still shot above. Then, examine the GOP "logo" next to the word "Grand," and that in the teaser. Recognize the similarity?

Those thinking this is a coincidence are advised to read a Daily Kos post Tuesday bragging about the use of this new logo.

Honestly, is channeling the vitriol spewed by one of the nation's most left-leaning websites what qualifies as journalism at General Electric today?

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