Lou Dobbs: Olbermann is a 'Left-wing Hack' and a 'Whack Job'

According to Lou Dobbs, MSNBC's Keith Olberman is a a "left-wing hack" and a "whack job" that "has to spend so much time adjusting his medication he can't figure out what he's doing."

So said Dobbs on his radio program Friday in response to a caller who wanted him to bring on folks like Andre Michael Eggelletion, Joe Myers, Al Sharpton, and Keith Olbermann to assist him in better understanding what's going on in the world.

Dobbs marvelously replied (audio below the fold courtesy our friend Johnny Dollar via Hot Air headlines, partial transcript as well):

Oronde, you just lost me, partner. Those are ideological, I mean, you're just talking about moving over to the left rather than the right. C'mon, now. Don't call up here telling me that you want talk about real solutions and then push us off to the left rather than the right. I just got through saying that we're all about the center. I mean, you're talking about a guy in Olbermann, that guy has to spend so much time adjusting his medication he can't figure out what he's doing. He's a left-wing hack. What are you talking about, Oronde?...Wait a minute. Don't be telling me about divisions. You come on here and you're complaining about Beck and Limbaugh, and then you start ballyhooing those lefties. I mean, what's, what happened to the moderation? What happened to credibility, the center? That's where we're living. Why are you pushing off to the left?...Oronde, you're talking about moving to the, I'm talking about 280 million Americans who live in the center of this country, and you're talking about these whack jobs on the left and the right. How 'bout coming to something in the center here?...That's what I'm all about, partner, but your pushing Olbermann and these other guys...For crying out loud, Oronde, you're, you're, I thought you were talking about a solution. You're part of the problem, man. You're a carrier. You're a carrier. You're just, you're carrying around the left water instead of the right water. And that isn't going to get us anywhere, partner.   

No it's not, Lou. Thanks for saying.

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