Saying Limbaugh Had Taste for Drugs and Murder, Jon Stewart Tells Rush 'Get the F--- Out of Here!'

This was no April Fool’s joke. In the first two minutes of The Daily Show on Wednesday night, Comedy Central host Jon Stewart made angry faces and told Rush Limbaugh to "Get the f— out of here." He was channeling his inner Olbermann. After playing audio of Limbaugh saying he was leaving due to "absurd" New York tax hikes, Stewart angrily yelled "Finally!" to the screams of his whipped-up but always obedient liberal studio audience.

He exclaimed: "For years, for years, for years, New Yorkers have done everything in our power to get this guy to leave town!" These included: "We knew he was into drugs, so we cleaned up Times Square. We even opened up a Disney Store in the very place he would normally go to buy drugs."

He joked they bused people in for Gay Pride parades to annoy Limbaugh, hired Ivy Leaguers to play Middle Eastern taxi drivers, and declared that everyone who smokes cigars is a "douchebag." Stewart even claimed "We outlawed murder, figuring he was a guy with a taste for it."

He then ended the segment by saying, "If you're heading out from Uptown, take 42nd Street west to Ninth Avenue take a left, go down four blocks, Lincoln Tunnel's on your right, and you know what? Here's my EZ-Pass. Get the f— out of here."

More screams from the Stewart mob followed. This wasn’t meant to be funny. Stewart had a face that was screwed-up and angry. This is merely the latest example of how Stewart's drive-by shooting of CNN's Crossfire in 2004 was remarkably insincere. Stewart really doesn't think ideological mud fights accomplish anything -- as long as they're balanced, apparently.

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