Will Ferrell: Obama Thinks So Carefully, He's 'Too Politically Savvy' For Satire

New York Post TV critic Linda Stasi interviewed Will Ferrell on his Bush-bashing Broadway show-slash-forthcoming HBO special for Wednesday’s paper. "On the phone yesterday, I asked Ferrell how he feels now that Bush is history, possibly ending a Golden Age of Political Comedy." Ferrell insisted Barack Obama is just too brilliant and self-controlled to be a subject of satire:

"The irony is that I haven't done him all that much. It was a fluke, really.

"We're going from a guy who just set it all up for [comics] to a guy who is just so politically savvy -- who thinks so carefully before he speaks.

"I had kind of the tail end of Clinton and then Bush, and there was so much raw material. It's such a tough time out there now."

Stasi reminds readers that this is not a high-class act, and Ferrell even makes fun of Bush’s private parts:

It's a show he stars in (and co-wrote) that mixes real Bushisms with skits that leave the audience howling - except for the occasional horrified couple who run out like their underwear's on fire when the giant fake presidential penis is projected. Lenny Bruce would be thrilled.

HBO's been very clear about its left-wing politics this year, paying millions to broadcast Barack Obama inauguration festivities, and then paying Ferrell to make fun of Bush down to the lowest level.

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