Joy Behar Sees Obama Assassination Threat in NY Post Cartoon

"The View's" Joy Behar believes last week's controversial New York Post cartoon which mocked the recently enacted stimulus bill represented an assassination threat on President Barack Obama.

She even wonders if the author should be investigated by the FBI.

I kid you not.

As host Barbara Walters on Tuesday addressed Rupert Murdoch's apology for the cartoon published in his paper, Behar said the following (video embedded below courtesy Ms Underestimated):

But there hasn't been enough attention to the fact that there is an assassination involved in the cartoon also. Not just about the racist part. Which I think that you can be investigated by the FBI if you make an assassination threat...You know, and I think that has been minimized because they did shoot the ape.  

Amazing. How does such a person have a job offering commentary to the public about anything?


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