Harry Smith Calls Coulter Goofy, Simplistic, Whining and Sophomoric

CBS's Harry Smith interviewed Ann Coulter on the "Early Show" Tuesday, and it was clear from the start the co-host had no interest in hiding his disdain for the conservative author.

In fact, he was downright rude from beginning to end referring to her as "a whiner," "goofy," "simplistic," and "sophomoric."

After his introduction of Coulter and her new book "Guilty," Smith said (video embedded below the fold):

You know what? You want to be taken seriously. I think, I sense that. Right? 

Is that the way to begin an interview with one of America's leading political authors? But that was just the beginning, because this was his next question:

Here's my problem: Because you try to be funny, because you have this kind of sophomoric sort of simplistic kind of view of so many things, the points that should be taken seriously, this whole section on single-motherhood would be, could, should be part of the American conversation right now. Because you're  so goofy, who's going to take you seriously?

Wow. And yet folks like Smith probably think it's great that comedian Al Franken is about to become a United States Senator!

On a related note, readers should notice the following from the article about this interview CBS News placed at its website:

The watchdog group Media Matters explored what it asserts are inaccuracies in "Guilty." To see that assessment, click here.

I guess CBS News didn't feel it was important to disclose to readers the extreme liberal leaning of this so-called "watchdog group."

Can you imagine CBS News.com linking to a Media Research Center or NewsBusters piece debunking what a liberal said or wrote?

In the end, as Coulter is out promoting her new book, she is undoubtedly going to be subjected to such rude treatment virtually whereever she goes. It would just be nice if so-called professional journalists could try to hide their disdain.

Is that asking too much?

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