CNN Kills Two Biased Birds with One Stone

CNN’s Web site this morning tracked a developing story involving the stock market opening, by featuring a photo of an Iran anti-war protest.

The photo, provided by our friends at the AP, was simply too perfect to pass up apparently. After all, any photo which includes a man brandishing a banner which reads ‘Jail Bush,’ is something that a biased news organization simply has to take. Pertinence be damned. Seriously, nothing says the economy quite like a placard reading ‘No attack on Iran.’

CNN probably could have found a photo that actually applied to the topic of a sliding stock market. Was a stock photo of a line graph with a red arrow pointing down not available at the most trusted name in news? No picture of someone ringing the opening bell?

The story itself was titled ‘Wall Street Drops at Open,’ and to its credit, did not include the photo within the article. Oddly enough however, there was no mention of 'Iran' in the article that the above photo linked to either. Nor was there any mention of the word 'war.' Or 'protest.'

Perhaps they went with the anti-war photo because the Obama campaign had used up all of the Katrina-like photos. Nothing says bad analogy like the liberals do.

It’s not as if the ‘news’ organization hasn’t had photo issues in the past. They were once duped by a Sarah Palin doctored bikini photo after all.

More comparably, and another example of mixing photos to create biased messages, Noel Sheppard pointed out this gem back in January.

Sometimes the liberal media just can’t help themselves. When given the chance to run a slumping economy article, CNN chose to double down and throw in a ‘Jail Bush’ photo.

The photo has since been removed from the home page.

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