Mika: 'I've Gutted a Deer'

Have we had it all wrong about Mika Brzezinski?  All this time we've pigeon-holed her as part of the Eastern liberal media elite, was she in fact secretly part of the Sarah Palin demographic?  It's not quite field-dressing a moose, but Mika let it be known today that she knows how to hunt and . . . has "gutted a deer."

The revelation came as Mika and Joe Scarborough were saying goodbye to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who, by the way, seemed optimistic that John McCain would make it to Mississippi for tonight's debate.

View video here.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Lindsey, good seeing you again.  I will see you very soon.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: We'll go hunting.

SCARBOROUGH: Ah, maybe not, I care about everybody.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Joe, I don't ever want to see you fire a shotgun. But I could go hunting with the senator, I've gutted a deer, and, you know, I can handle it.  You? Not so much.

SCARBOROUGH: Keep guns out of my hands.  Dangerous.

Given this remarkable revelation, could there be more surprising disclosures about Mika to come? Member of the Women's Bassmaster Tour, perhaps?  For that matter, could "Susan Butcher Manley" be Mika's nom-de-musher as the three-time winner of Alaska's Iditarod dogsled race?

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