Colbert Dismisses Clinton's Injuries: 'Rove Has (Bleep) for Brains'

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The comedian tapped to take over CBS’s Late Show is showing no signs of
diversifying his political comedy to tackle both sides of the aisle,
preferring to heavily mock conservatives and Republicans while holding
prospective 2016 Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton
virtually above reproach..

Take the May 15 edition of the Colbert Report, where host Stephen
Colbert devoted a five-minute segment to lambasting Karl Rove for his
statement about Mrs. Clinton’s health.. After Colbert praised her
“mastery of the facts” and her “unshakeable confidence” at the Benghazi
hearings, he lashed out at Rove’s exaggeration of the length of her stay
in the hospital, asking “Has Karl Rove lost track of time because he
has a serious brain injury?”