Matthews Plays Abramoff Card To Claim GOP More Corrupt Than Dems

Touchy, touchy, Chris!

Palpably stung by Ken Blackwell's observation that Republicans had lost their way by running like Reagan but governing like Carter, Chris Matthews -- former speechwriter to the president from Plains -- cracked back by playing the Abramoff card and claiming Republicans are more corrupt than Dems.

Blackwell, the impressive former Secretary of State of Ohio and past candidate for Buckeye state governor, was Matthews' guest during this evening's MSNBC election coverage. Blackwell was discussing what it would take for Republicans to win in 2008.

KEN BLACKWELL: My view is this, Chris, that we got off track. We started to campaign like Ronald Reagan and at times govern like Jimmy Carter. And as a consequence, people, people really questioned whether or not we were true to our message . . .

Ken's comment clearly cut Chris to the quick. He tried to parry.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I just don't think Jack Abramoff worked for the Carter administration, Ken, did he?

View video here.

BLACKWELL: We have some stories we can trade about corruption on the Democratic side.

MATTHEWS: I don't think corruption is an equal-opportunity employer.

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