Church Thanked in GOP-bashing Viral Vid Replies to NewsBusters

On June 20, I blogged about how All Saints Episcopal Church in Phoenix, Arizona, was thanked at the conclusion of a viral video entitled "I'm Voting Republican." The video featured actors portraying Republican voters who sounded left-wing talking points, including one portraying a minister saying that he was voting GOP because women should "never, ever, ever" be trusted with decisions over their own bodies.

After publishing my blog post, I called the church office for comment, leaving a voice mail for the church's financial administrator, who was thanked by name in the credits.

Checking my e-mail tonight I found the following e-mail reply, by the executive assistant to All Saints' rector, denying advance knowledge by church officials of the "content... or intended use" of the video:

Last week you left a message for Shelley Dudley on her voice mail in reference to the "I'm Voting Republican" video.

We have responded to all inquiries with the following statement:

"All Saints' Episcopal Church learned for the first time on June 20, 2008, of a video titled "I'm Voting Republican" that has been posted on YouTube and on other sites on the internet.  All Saints' Episcopal Church is included in the credits of this video.  The Rector and Vestry of All Saints' were not at any time informed of, nor did they in any manner agree to or approve of, the content of the video, its publication or intended use.  All Saints' does not endorse, support or approve of the video, its message or publication."


Lori Brooks

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