What Passes for 'Journalism,' Giving Obama a Free Pass

Recently the Rockford (Ill.) Register Star subjected its readers to another fine example of sloppy journalism aimed at exalting the Obama candidacy. It is so bad, so pointless, so filled with empty platitudes and meaninglessness that one might suspect it was written by Barack Obama himself instead of a reputed journalist. But it is a perfect example of the sort of slavish devotion the Illinois press is bestowing on it's almost native son.

This time, the Register Star is seen assuring Illinoisans that a President Barack will be good for the state because "he's been here." That's it. That's the entire message. He will be good for Illinois because "he's been here." No explanation, no examples, no further revelation is needed... and the paper offers none.

So, what does it mean? Who knows? But it is a good sound to it, doesn't it? Why Barack will be great because "he's been here," ya know? Of course, he's "been" to all the other 57 states, too. Why he'd be better for Illinois over mere visitation than he would for anywhere else is never addressed. But, who needs explanations? The warm fuzzy feelings that the Illinois media and the Obama campaign radiates is all most Obama supporters need. No logic or serious policy discussion is needed.

The Register Star quotes a few empty headed Obama supporters to their feelings that Obama will be good for the state.

Rockford resident Dortha Young said she thinks Obama’s knowledge of Rockford and Illinois will lead his decision-making if he’s elected president.

"I think he’ll understand us because he’s been here," he said. "He understands poor people, he can relate to us. He'll be willing to help however he can for the poor people to bring them up."

How will he "understand the poor"? No one in the article bothers to elucidate. Obama's home in the upscale Hyde Park, a place where decades ago all the poor were chased out by the urban planning of the University there, sure doesn't speak toward his ability to "understand" the poor.

Check out some of the other meaningless quotes in this obsequious and empty "article."

"It could matter a whole lot, depending on what he does,” he said. "Nobody knows what he’s going to do, or McCain for that matter. He could do a whole lot of good for the state of Illinois, or none at all. We don’t know what it’s going to be until whoever gets elected is in there.”

"In a way, it can be a double-edged sword,” he said. “You’ve got a contact there, but Sen. Obama knows what’s great about the state and what’s challenged about the state. He’s commended himself about the lack of a state capital plan.”

"Coming from Illinois, he has a sense and good grasp of the needs in our region,” she said. “He has made many trips to the Rock River Valley and has met with people, and I would hope he would remember us as a priority.”

"Certainly a president from our state would appear to be an advantage, although to what extent would be hard to say,” he said. “At least we could hope to see him once in a while.”

Did the Rockford Register forget that it is Congress that funds special projects in the states? A president isn't in control of funneling money to the states for clinics and roads.

But, it's all feelsgoodism and airy assumptions of how wonderful an Obama presidency will be as far as the Rockford Star is concerned. No facts, no real discussion, no touch with the real system need apply.

Being from the most corrupt state in the Union, Illinois, I have been exposed to the wonderfulness of Barack Obama for the better part of a decade. The media have given him a pass since day one, for the most part, but, now that he is the presumptuous nominee for the Democratic Party nomination for the White House, the media in Illinois is rising to a fever pitch with their slavish devotion to the candidate of "change."

Chicago media has on two recent occasions, for instance, said that not voting for Obama is evidence of racism (here and here), and Obama has been handed a lot of softball editorials and sycophantic puff pieces. Even one of Chicago's most hard hitting political reporters, Carol Marin, was the host of a TV "report" on Obama that made her look like a giddy school girl over the Obama candidacy.

In any case, this is a perfect example of a so-called "news" article filled with absolutely no news, no logic and not based on what a president really has the power to do but it certainly gives Obama the sort of adulation of being the agent of "change" regardless of any reality to the matter. This article is a perfect example of the sad state of "journalism" in America today.

(Photo credit: Reuters)