Tony Snow to Be Permanent Guest Host on 'Radio Factor'

Tony Snow fans will love absolutely love this.

The former White House Press Secretary -- and all around good guy! -- is going to be Bill O'Reilly's permanent fill-in guest host on the "Radio Factor."

O'Reilly himself posted the good news at his website Thursday:

We're pleased to announce that former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow will be joining the Factor as Bill's permanent fill-in host for the Radio Factor!

You can hear Tony on the Radio Factor on Fridays, starting tomorrow, Friday, February 21 [sic].

Welcome to the Factor, Tony! We're all excited to have you on board.

Posted by Staff at 3:40 PM

Despite BOR getting his dates confused, let's give a rousing, NewsBusters welcome to Tony while wishing him the best in his new endeavor.

Break a leg, Tony!

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