Onion Editor Leaves for Left-wing MoveOn

As a long-time occasional reader of the satirical newspaper The Onion, I couldn't help but notice a leftward drift to its humor. Now I see why:

Lots of people on the right think that the liberal group MoveOn.org is a joke. Well, now they’ll have a bit more ammo in their argument.

The powerful liberal activist group has wooed Peter Koechley away from the satirical newspaper The Onion, where he was managing editor.

In an e-mail blast that went out on Thursday, Koechley refers to “MoveOn, where I now work.”

The missive directs recipients to VotePoke.com, a new MoveOn project that allows users to check their voter registration status and encourage their friends to register.

An Onion spokesman confirmed that Koechley departed in the fall; his name no longer appears on The Onion’s masthead. MoveOn did not provide us a comment by press time.

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