Washington Post Yawns at 'Tame' Song 'Fascist Christ'

Rock musician Todd Rundgren hasn't been prominent as a performer since the 1970s, but his Sunday concert at the Birchmere here in MRC's hometown of Alexandria drew a mixed review in the Washington Post. Tuesday's review by Stephen Brookes ended with this strange paragraph about Rundgren's failure to offend people:

And for a guy pushing 60, Rundgren still works hard, digging into the vocals and closing most songs with a leaping scissors kick. But his promises to "offend each and every person in the room" didn't quite deliver, starting with a tame "Fascist Christ" and ending with a listless jab against -- yawn -- neoconservatives. Sorry; if you want to talk politics in this town, you have to hit a lot harder than that.

Since when is a song viciously attacking American Christians as fascists considered "tame" and inoffensive? The only arguments in the Post's favor: The song is old (from 1993, hardly the zenith of Christian conservatism), and it's a very lame white rap song.

The video is on YouTube. In it, the cross swirls into a swastika. It's also illustrated by fuzzy images of Pat Buchanan, Randall Terry, and Jesse Helms. Rundgren also sings at several points in a sophomoric attempt at a bishop's robe and mitre, and also, dressed in black, pulls out a long pistol to shoot sinners.

It should go without saying that rockers seeking to "offend everyone" haven't exactly recorded "Fascist Muhammad." Lyrics are here.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis