LAT Does Not Identify 'The Man'; Can You?

How about a fun one for Thanksgiving?

Yesterday's Los Angeles Times (Wed. 11/22/07) published this photo to accompany a story about the writers' strike. But the Times did not identify the central figure in the photo. Do you know who it is? If you've been a regular reader of NewsBusters, you should know!

That's right! It's "Jake Byrd," the obsessed-with-celebrities, Jimmy-Kimmel-show character of writer/actor/comic Tony Barbieri.

One of the big laughs of 2007 was Jake "stealing the show" at an O.J. Simpson trial press conference in Las Vegas. Remember? (NB's Scott Whitlock, 9/19/07: "Bizarre Man [Update: Jake Byrd] Steals Show at O.J. News Conference" ... NB's Mathhew Sheffield, 9/21/07: "Jake Byrd Recaps His OJ Trial Adventure")

C'mon, LAT. Give it up for the man!

Los Angeles Times