Washington Post Located Memorial Day in November

In Sunday's Washington Post, Neely Tucker wrote a long article protesting that the classic CBS detective show "Mannix" isn't out on DVD. But neither Tucker nor his Post copy editors caught the brain-flatulence of locating Memorial Day (honoring veterans who died in military service) in November, instead of Veterans Day (honoring all vets), and suggesting swaggering fictional P.I. Joe Mannix, Korean War vet, should be honored on Memorial Day:

Even -- and this is hard to believe -- the sixth season of "Magnum, P.I." was rolled out on DVD earlier this month for Memorial Day, because Magnum had been, in the story line, a Vietnam vet. But no "Mannix." Who had been in Korea.

I loved "Mannix" -- or at least the idea of "Mannix," since my father thought it was a little too violent for a grade-schooler. But shouldn't someone at the Post catch a whopper like this?

Washington Post Neely Tucker
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