Collins's Odd Obsession

Just two days ago, Gail Collins christened her column about the Pat Robertson endorsement "Pat Loves Rudy."

As I observed then, "a conservative columnist writing the equivalent might well be condemned for making an unsubtle appeal to homophobia. But Collins will surely get a pass in PC quarters, since it's a well-established fact that liberals are incapable of prejudice."

Then comes today's column -- and I'll be darned if Collins hasn't done it again.

The NY Times columnist has entitled her piece about the Kerik indictment and related matters "Rudy and Bernie: B.F.F.’s" ["Best Friends Forever," for those no longer in middle school].

Once might be an aberration. Twice -- in consecutive columns no less -- qualifies as an odd obsession

But if Collins's fixation on Rudy's male friendships is peculiar, something in today's column was downright terrifying. Making her case that Rudy places too much emphasis on political loyalty, Collins writes [emphasis added]:

How about if this time we try for a president who would recruit gifted people who can accomplish great things, as opposed to a room full of dopes who will never write tell-all memoirs?

I invite you to picture President Hillary Clinton's cabinet room, brimming with "gifted people" eager to "accomplish great things." Argh!

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