Victim of DC Snipers Speaks Out on CNN

Heartbreaking video! Kellie Adams, a victim of the DC Snipers, tearfully speaks out about a broadcast of John Allen Muhammad by CNN where he tries to rally support and convince people he isn’t a monster. She wonders why CNN gives air time to such un-newsworthy, and white-washed garbage, when no one talks to victims families and victims anymore to see what they are going through five years later.

I’m not sure exactly what broadcast Kellie is speaking of, but perhaps it was this one hour white-wash special pointed out by Kathleen McKinley. Perhaps it was this. Or maybe it was this. There is plenty of sympathetic pieces at CNN to choose from, so I don’t doubt her.

This needs attention. Maybe if the blogs give it some air time, the media will not be able to ignore it.

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