MRC/NB's Graham: Couric Comments on Iraq War a Sop to MoveOn

Katie Couric "really sounds like... a light-headed Hillary [Clinton] and it sounds like she's trying to claw back into the good graces of and maybe she's trying to rub the belly of the Buddha, Frank Rich, and everybody who attacked her for being some sort of Bush tool when she went to Iraq."

That's how MRC director of media analysis and NewsBusters senior editor Tim Graham described Katie Couric's recent conversation with Marvin Kalb in which the CBS anchor laid out her liberal opinions of the Bush administration and the war in Iraq.

We knew that'd get you hooked. You can view the entire segment on the September 26 "Your World w/Neil Cavuto by checking out the Video (3:57): Real (2.91 MB) and Windows (2.43 MB), plus MP3 (1.80 MB).

Check here for a NRO Media Blog item (with video) on's recent ad describing Katie Couric as a Bush "lapdog." CBS Fox News Channel CBS Evening News Your World Media Business Video MRC/NB News Marvin Kalb