MRC Times Watcher Clay Waters Unloads on the NYT-MoveOn Ties on Fox

MRC’s Times Watch guru Clay Waters sat on the couch in the New York studios of Fox & Friends this morning in the 8 am EST hour to discuss the New York Times offering cut-rate ad space to to bash General Petraeus. FNC’s Gretchen Carlson told Waters that the Times now claims they offer this discount rate for advocacy groups and for ads that float without a scheduled publication date.

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Clay countered: "Right, right. Some wag suggested this was the family discount. The floating ad, this sounds plausible, but the thing is the ad itself, you read the ad itself, it says, ‘Today will General Petraeus will become General Betray Us?' which indicates it’s a pretty specific time frame. And generally, there’s a pretty strict wall of separation between your business side and your editorial side. As someone pointed out, if anyone is going to breach that wall, it would be the publisher of the Times, ‘Pinch’ Sulzberger. He’s made, he’s a proud liberal. He’s made his anti-war statements pretty publicly. The Times would be a logical choice for That’s where their fans are."

Never forget Mr. Pinch telling SUNY graduates that his sainted Sixties generation "had seen the horror and futility of war and smelled the stench of government corruption. Our children, we vowed, would never know that. So, well, I am sorry." And more: "It wasn't supposed to be this way. You weren't supposed to be graduating in an America fighting a misbegotten war in a foreign land."

Every war is futile and misbegotten. As Clay said, Pinch and MoveOn: they go together.

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