Seattle P-I: Haiku Contest Was 'Bad Call' - But We're Still Not Publishing Photos!

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is apologizing for its decision to run a haiku contest about its decision to not run the photos of two men sought by the FBI for questioning related to possibly terrorist-related activities involving the Seattle-area ferry system

The paper's "online reporter" Monica Guzman writes on the paper's "Big Blog":

The paper's decision not to run photos of the two Seattle ferry passengers sought by the FBI didn't take long yesterday to become part of a widespread debate that provoked readers around the country.

It also spread throughout the blogosphere. While most blogs pointed directly to the debate, some made some poignant comments about the topic of yesterday's Daily Haiku contest, a topic that -- considering the sensitivity of the issue -- was probably not the best we could have come up with.

While the Big Blog mixes fun and news on a daily basis, in this case we undermined a serious issue and a serious debate, and made it seem as if we in the newsroom didn't acknowledge its importance.

So thanks to all the bloggers who pointed this out. We agree it was a bad call and will learn from the experience.

P.S. -- We're not going to pick a winner.

That's okay. We know who the loser is. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Also, the people who depend on the P-I for information - the paper has shown that it cares more about protecting the sensitivities of the two mystery men that it does about the safety of the tens of thousands of area residents who ride the ferries each day.

Putting political correctness ahead of public safety - that's what the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ought to be apologizing for.
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