Michelle Malkin Responds to Geraldo Rivera's Attack

Fox News resident liberal blowhard Geraldo Rivera used his Saturday program to skewer conservative blogger and illegal immigration critic Michelle Malkin on the issues of illegal immigration and border enforcement.

But Malkin did an excellent job fisking Rivera's program and defending herself on her eponymous blog this morning.

Here's an excerpt:

If you want ignorant ranting about immigration and the Zina Linnik
case, go watch Geraldo Rivera (thanks to readers for e-mailing me about
it over the weekend and AP for clipping the vid). Utterly shameless.
Geraldo teased his Saturday night segment on the case by claiming that
Zina’s uncle, Anatoly Kalchik, would argue that Zina’s accused murderer
should be called a “monster” instead of an “immigrant:”

The tragic story was twisted to aggravate the immigration debate… A
little girl snatched and brutally murdered. Tonight her family speaks
out on why his “immigrant” label should be replaced by "monster."

only thing twisted, though, was Geraldo’s big tease. Mr. Kalchick did
not say what Geraldo said he would say. Geraldo didn’t even ask him
about the immigration angle in the interview that aired.

Why not?

Perhaps because Mr. Kalchick would have told Geraldo what he told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (noted in my post yesterday)


This case and its ramifications have everything to do with open
borders. Clue: “Open borders” is a metaphor for the willful, malign
neglect of the entire immigration and entrance system–not just at the
physical borders, but on the interior, at our consular offices abroad,
on the immigration services side, throughout the investigations and
enforcement bureaucracies, and in the detention and deportation offices.

with clueless Geraldo, the immigration debate is always and only about
one border–the southern border. It’s only about one kind of immigrant:
Hispanic illegal aliens. And it’s all about one cheap set of talking
points: All illegal aliens are hard-working angels, all ICE agents are
jack-booted thugs, and everyone who believes in enforcing immigration
laws is an “anti-immigrant radical.”

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