'The Daily Show’ Ridicules Bush-Supporting Vietnam Veteran

“The Daily Show” often pokes fun at President Bush and his closest advisors and Cabinet members, but isn’t it a little low, even for “The Daily Show,” to mock a Vietnam veteran because he supports the President?

On June 25, the Comedy Central show did exactly that, airing a pre-recorded and what appears to be a heavily edited interview with Bill Thomas, a Vietnam veteran who won four Bronze Stars and three Purple Heart medals. Back in April, Thomas decided to give one his Purple Heart to President Bush, believing that the President is a “a hero by virtue of the fact that he’s shown phenomenal courage in the face of bitter personal attacks on his competence, his integrity and everything else.”

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On Monday's program, “Daily Show” correspondent Jason Jones sarcastically mocked Thomas’ gesture, asking over and over again who his gift was intended for:

Jason Jones: “So Bill Thomas honored the President's courage under verbal fire by presenting him with one of his own Purple Hearts. (Sitting across from Thomas) Let me just get this straight. You were wounded by bullets and grenades three times and you gave your medal to the President who has been wounded by words.”

Bill Thomas: “Absolutely.”

Jones: “So you gave your medal to George Bush.”

Thomas: “Yes.”

Jones: “I got a quick follow-up to that, George W. Bush?”

Thomas: “George W. Bush, yes.”

Jones: “And he didn't take it.”

Thomas: “He did take it.”

Jones (incredulous): “He did?”

Thomas: “Pain is pain.”

Jones: “And his pain is real.”

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