Even Discussing a Cartoon, Janeane Garofalo Can’t Resist Bashing Bill O’Reilly

Have you ever wondered what makes liberals so full of…hate?

After all, it seems that regardless of the venue or the setting, someone on the far left side of the dial is going to say something bad about Republicans, George W. Bush, Fox News, or all of the above.

Such was certainly the case when former Air America host Janeane Garofalo sat down to discuss her new animated feature “Ratatouille” with the Boston Herald (h/t Brian Maloney).

In the end, it didn’t take long for Garofalo to lob her first surface-to-conservative missile (emphasis added throughout):

“I saw no need to make fun of French people. It’s embarrassing,” said Garofalo during an interview in Boston last week.

The politically outspoken actress said she objected to a line of dialogue that made it into the film in which Colette equates her anger at the new chef to being French.

The former Air America radio host said she is against any kind of France-bashing.

“Fox News is embarrassing for everybody. As if the French are bummed that Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like them,” she said.

Incredible. Yet, maybe even more offensive was her misandrist tone, and its subsequent delicious hypocrisy:

Garofalo, a petite powerhouse with a tattoo of Rosie the Riveter prominently displayed on her left bicep, said she learned kitchen politics firsthand from her friend, a female sous chef.

“The culinary world is male-dominated,” she said. “It’s Gordon Ramsay-style aggression. Many women end their education (because of it). It’s not that they can’t do it - they don’t want to. The chauvinism is just ingrained.”

When she was growing up, the “Reality Bites” star said, the cooking responsibilities were left to her father.

“My dad was the cook, and he has a real talent and passion for it. My mom, sister and I, not so much,” Garofalo said.

Well, Janeane, if that’s the case, maybe you should have paid more attention to your dad than your friend the sous chef. After all, this might have given you a more rational view of politics both in and out of the kitchen, as well as a more civilized approach to gender relations.

But I digress.

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