On Hannity & Colmes, MRC/NB's Bozell Targets Bill Moyers and PBS Hypocrisy

Brent Bozell, President of
the Media Research Center, which publishes
NewsBusters, appeared Tuesday night on FNC's "Hannity & Colmes"
to criticize PBS for returning left-winger Bill Moyers to the
taxpayer-funded network just weeks after PBS spiked Frank Gaffney's
documentary, "Islam vs. Islamists: Voices from the Muslim Center,"
which was intended to be part of last week's 11-part America at a
Crossroads series. Wednesday night, most PBS stations will run Moyers's
left-wing screed, "Buying
the War
," about how the news media was supposedly complicit
in the Bush administration's false contentions that got the U.S. into
the Iraq war. (More below on the segment and topic)

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appeared with David Swanson of the far-left AfterDowningStreet.org.
During the segment, Sean Hannity played a clip of Moyers railing
against Hannity's “political pornography.” For more
on the program PBS refuses to air, check an April 11 Washington
Times article
by Jennifer Harper, "PBS shelves film on
moderate Muslims." The MRC on Tuesday distributed a
press release
, “PBS Pushes Moyers's Radical Left
Film, But Spikes Gaffney's Centrist Documentary as Extreme.”

ALEXANDRIA, VA -- Media Research Center President L.
Brent Bozell commented today
on PBS's decision to broadcast Bill Moyers's "Buying the War"
documentary while refusing to air Frank Gaffney's "Islam vs. Islamists:
Voices from the Muslim Center:"

"All PBS has become is welfare for activist has-beens," said L. Brent
Bozell, president of the Media Research Center.

"Their editorial rationale is self-incriminating. They subject viewers
to the fanatical work of liberals like Bill Moyers, using viewers' tax
money and airwaves to peddle Moyers's notion that the liberal media
of the Iraq war wasn't liberal enough. But, at the same time, they
claim that Frank Gaffney's very balanced and measured documentary on
centrist Muslims does not meet the standards necessary for airing on
their stations.

"Why? Because they can -- and that makes the words 'public television'
an oxymoron."

"What PBS and Moyers should own up to is not having the backbone to
allow a balanced, viable, perspective to stand on its own two feet
because it clashes with their fringe ideology," Bozell concluded.

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