'View' to a Balance? Conservative Activist Star Parker to Guest Co-Host

According to Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education's (CURE) website, community activist and conservative columnist Star Parker will guest co-host "The View" Tuesday, June 19. Parker will appear with the show's long time token non-liberal Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Parker's name is not on "The View's" website, but confirms Michael Moore and Toby Keith are two of the show's guests.

Star Parker is the current president of CURE and a former welfare mother. Parker converted to Christianity and began her life as an activist. Her recent columns included attacking Senator Clinton over her changing stances on Iraq and hailing the Supreme Court for upholding the federal partial birth abortion ban.

Regarding her scheduled appearance with Michael Moore, Parker added: "I certainly do not agree with Mr. Moore regarding health care reform. However, I look forward to a lively discussion."

Whether this represents a trend in the right direction for the women's chat show, or a mere fluke remains to be seen.