Clinton Goes Drudge Report With New Website ‘’

This one’s really tough to take on an empty stomach. So, you might want to eat something before proceeding.

In case you were concerned that the American public wasn’t being bombarded enough by grotesquely gooey gushings over Hillary Clinton by a fawning press corps, the Democrat presidential candidate has created a new website to assure her almost as much exposure as Paris Hilton.


As reported by Politico (emphasis added throughout):

HillaryHub isn't a typical campaign site. With a simple, three-column look, occasionally edgy headlines and links to a blend of videos, reports from newspapers and blogs and campaign memos, it's a news aggregator on the model of the Drudge Report. The difference, of course, is that the stories are chosen to depict Clinton favorably and to tweak her critics.

Depict Clinton favorably? Did you think they'd share articles questioning the junior senator from New York’s sincerity and policy positions?

As a fine example of how the propaganda at this site works, the June 14 headline read “Hillary Climbing in New Polls” with links to the most recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, as well as the American Research Group’s and Quinnipiac’s.

Yet, the site conveniently ignored some recent polls showing her lead over Barack Obama sinking, most notably the USA Today/Gallup poll putting Obama actually ahead by one point.

Gotta love it.

Also of note is her "On the Blogs" section. This gives Hillary a marvelous opportunity to disseminate grotesquely gooey gushings from her fans in the blogosphere.

Isn't that special?

Of course, the delicious irony here is how the Drudge Report is certainly seen by the Clintons as being a leader in the vast rightwing conspiracy given its having been the first to report on Monica Lewinsky.

As such, this appears to be another instance of the Clintons co-opting Republican strategies to further their lust for power.

And you thought that ended when they moved to Chappaqua.

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