Lauer's Got Lame-Duck Fever

Looks like the MSM just can't wait to declare President Bush a lame duck. Matt Lauer tried to grease the skids on this morning's "Today." Interviewing White House press secretary Tony Snow at 7:05 am EDT, Lauer first suggested that it would be very difficult for the president to get an immigration bill through Congress. Then, this.

TODAY CO-HOST MATT LAUER: If he can't convince the skeptics, if he can't accomplish this, if he can't get immigration reform passed, you know what they're saying: is it time for him to concentrate full-time on his presidential library?

View video here.

Tony vigorously rejected the notion that immigration reform wasn't achievable, and also ticked off a number of items on the Bush agenda.

But beyond that, has Matt forgotten that there's a war on terror out there and that President Bush is Commander-in-Chief? Has he ignored the possibility of military action to prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons? And if the forecast of one or two Supreme Court vacancies over the next year comes true, the president will be in a position to shape the course of this country for generations to come.

Mark my words: sometime between now and January 20, 2009, all the world's focus will be on the Oval Office, and many will be very glad that George Bush is its occupant.

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