‘Sleepless in Seattle’ Director Nora Ephron Shamefully Mocks Foiled JFK Terror Plot

The reader is warned to proceed with caution, for the piece of…"journalism" to be addressed here is truly one of the most vile and disgraceful examples of Bush Derangement Syndrome I’ve seen.

In fact, it is so much so that I will not copy one single sentence of this detritus beyond the headline which appeared at the Huffington Post early Monday morning, and is still prominently featured there 58 hours later, which tells us a lot about the proprietor and her readership.

With “How to Foil a Terrorist Plot in Seven Simple Steps,” screenwriter and director Nora Ephron has despicably disgraced all Americans working for various federal agencies as they risk their lives trying to protect this nation from another terrorist attack.

In reality, America-haters like Ephron were the first to point accusatory fingers of blame at the President for not “connecting the dots” before 9/11, yet gleefully and proudly mock every foiled subsequent attack as the nation quickly approaches the six anniversary of that solemn event having not lost one additional soul on our mainland as a result of terrorism since.

Alas, Bush Derangement Syndrome prevents folks like Ephron from understanding such logic.

Of course, why should that be a surprise? After all, Ephron also believes that Rosie O’Donnell is a poet and “The View” is must-see TV.

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