Tribune's Kass: McCarthy Claimed Reds 'Were Crawling Under Every Rock'

Today Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass explains his theory that Rosie O'Donnell is secretly working for Karl Rove.

Moreover, Kass claims that Rosie's tactics are comparable to those espoused by the late Senator Joseph McCarthy:

According to Kass, "McCarthy was famous for his vicious conspiracy theories. He kept opening his mouth, too, just like Rosie. But instead of yelling about 9/11, he insisted that Soviet spies were crawling under every rock in Washington."

Really? That's the party line advanced by Commies, pinkos, socialists, leftists, liberals, and their lackeys and handmaidens for the past half century. The reality is quite different.

Shortly after his Wheeling speech, Democrats insisted McCarthy name names, right here and now. His response on the Senate floor:

“The Senator from Illinois demanded, loudly, that I furnish all the names. I told him at that time that so far as I was concerned, I thought that would be improper; that I did not have all the information about these individuals. . . .I have enough to convince me that either they are members of the Communist Party or they have given great aid to the Communists: I may be wrong. That is why I said that unless the Senate demanded that I do so, I would not submit this publicly, but I would submit it to any committee - and would let the committee go over these in executive session. It is possible that some of these persons will get a clean bill of health. . . .”

Suggesting a possible clean bill of health for suspects doesn't sound like something a man who saw Reds everywhere would say.

But then, why confuse folks with the facts? So much effort's been devoted all these years to discrediting Old Joe, few in the mainstream media have the guts to challenge the myth..

Chicago Tribune