NewsBusters Attacked By HuffPost, Mentioned by NPR's Garrison Keillor

NewsBusters draws attention on the Left, and some of it is very amusing to read. On today's Huffington Post, Al Gore devotees Dave Johnson and James Boyce are so angry with Brent Bozell's column on Gore that they claim the MRC can't find a single example the media are liberal. (Are they sure they've read this blog?) Their unfavorite line was Brent comparing Gore's censoriousness toward global-warming skeptics with a certain Venezuelan autocrat:

Al Gore and Hugo Chavez? That's a pathetic, stupid pairing right out of the high school playground. But look at their web site, we wouldn't expect more. One thing that is interesting is Conservatives love to claim that the media is liberal. But ask for a single example and it stuns them into silence.

Let's hope they received Al's Assault opus for free.

Garrison Keillor, the host of National Public Radio's "Prairie Home Companion," mentioned a blog post by MRC's Clay Waters in a column in reference to whether Harry Reid said one word in support of Mitt Romney when Al Sharpton joked that he wasn't one of "those who really believe in God." Maybe Reid was too busy, wrote Keillor:   

More often than not when leaders of his stature comment on things outside their normal bailiwick it's because they're asked about it, and I notice that some right wing web sites have faulted the press for not raising the Sharpton issue with Reid., for instance, criticized the New York Times story: "What Democratic Sen. Majority Leader (and Mormon) Harry Reid thinks of Sharpton's comments or his church's racial history was left unexplored." In addition, Reid -- like members of any religion -- is probably fairly sensitive to when his faith is being attacked, and he may not have read the Sharpton observation that way.

It was an interesting exercise to examine Sen. Reid from a religious viewpoint, but one thing I didn't tell my friend was something that kept running through my head: Whenever U.S. citizens have shown a lot of interest in the religious views of their leaders (particularly the Klan-dominated 1920s), it has usually helped make unhappy times in the nation's history.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis