A Palestinian Home Video American Media Will Never Air

There’s no way to properly prepare the reader for what follows, and droll remarks about stowing potables and such would be highly inappropriate.

Critical Update at end of post!

The following almost unbelievable video was posted at YouTube in April. As Charles Johnson described it at Little Green Footballs:

It’s a home movie from hell, featuring a group of young girls dressed as suicide bombers and terrorists, waving knives and guns and holding dolls, performing a school play somewhere in Gaza. A doting father carefully adjusts his daughter’s suicide bomb belt so it will look just right for the performance.

According to Johnson, in the following screen-captured picture from the video:


[O]ne little girl dressed as a suicide bomber has her hands painted red to symbolize blood, in a scene that’s probably meant to invoke the horrific lynching of two Israelis in Ramallah.”

Think you'd ever see a video like this coming out of any American newsroom?

Regardless of the answer, please excuse me. I need to go hug my children.

*****Update: Allah at Hot Air weighs in:

That whole jihad problem’s going to start clearing right up just as soon as the Palestinians get their own state, a-yup.

Kudos, though, to whoever thought of putting the Hamas bandana on the doll. In the long, rich history of creepy doll imagery, that one stands apart.

How true. Makes me want to hug my kids again.

*****Critical Update: Johnson has discovered something further concerning this video. The person who posted it at YouTube has removed all of the comments by disgusted viewers of this abomination. Read more here.

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