Geraldo's Immigration Sob Story

Did you know if you support enforcement of immigration laws you're heartless and also support destroying families?

That was the over-the-top sob story offered yesterday by Geraldo Rivera on his "Geraldo at Large" show where he featured a man who was about to be deported, alongside his wife and three of his children.

"Look at these children. Do you want to
be responsible for separating these babies from their daddy?" Rivera emoted, making an especial plea to FNC's Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity along with the "most hysterical voice in the bunch," CNN's Lou Dobbs.

"Their hard-working daddy who's done
nothing but do good here in this country?" he asserted, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the man (identified as "Jean") had about 30 seconds earlier admitted that he'd been convicted of a drug offense in 1989.

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And Jean who is facing deportation and
three of their four children. Hi, honey. So cute. And reverend Donna
Scopper [ph] who offered them sanctuary in her church which is Justin
[ph] Memorial down in Washington Square Park here in New York.

You know Jean [pronounced French way],
Jean [pronounced American way], Jean [French]--I want to say it

GENEE [ph]: Jean [American]

RIVERA: Jean [American]. Do you know
that I knew your father?


RIVERA: In the 1980s I interviewed your

JEAN: Yes.

RIVERA: And you were obviously here
then so you've been in this country for how long?

JEAN: 21 years now.

RIVERA: 21 years--

JEAN: --Yes.

RIVERA: Now, uh, you have three
children are citizens and Genee, so are you.

GENEE: Yes I am.

RIVERA: So you were born here in the
United States?

GENEE: Yes I am.

RIVERA: OK now so what--the reverend
has offered you sanctuary so why, why Jean do you think sanctuary is
necessary, you've been here so long?

JEAN: Well, I'm facing deportation
because of a 1989 during the war on drugs, I was convicted of a drug
offense. And I served 11 years in prison--

RIVERA: Oh, you did 11 years on a drug

JEAN: Yes. And I came here legally. I
have a green card. I came here with my green card. But because of the
hard, harsh immigration law, now I'm facing deportation.

RIVERA: So you came legal but the law
changed so your status became untenable so now they're saying you've
gotta get out.

JEAN: Yes.

RIVERA: So you now facing a deportation

JEAN: --Yes. Back to Haiti.

RIVERA: --to go back to Haiti where
poverty is endemic--

JEAN: Yes.

RIVERA: --where just last week that
boat filled with 150 immigrants capsized in shark-infested waters,
150 people crowded on a 25-feet boat. That's why people are so
desperate to leave. That's where they're sending you back. And
they're separating you from your citizen children and your citizen

Take a shot of these children. And I
say to my colleague and friend Bill O'Reilly, I say it to Sean
Hannity, and especially to the most hysterical voice in the bunch,
Lou Dobbs of CNN. Look at these children. Do you want to be
responsible for separating these babies from their daddy? Their
hard-working daddy who's done nothing but do good here in this
country? Is that where we're going with this? Is that where we're

Look at the inf--How old is that baby?

GENEE: Two months.

RIVERA: Two months old. Ladies and
gentlemen, we have to have a heart. And if the church has to lead the
way, God bless them.

Not only was Rivera's segment manipulative, it was also legally wrong. A person who is deported is able by law to bring their children with them. Jean's citizen wife could come along with him as well.

Click here to watch the video thanks to Ian of Hot Air.

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