NYT Front Page Photo: Queen Elizabeth II With Unnamed 'American Escort'

Update below (May 9, 23:30 EDT)

First Time magazine drops the President from the '100 Most Influential' list, and now this: The big front-page photo in Tuesday's New York Times was of Queen Elizabeth (who did make Time's list of important movers and shakers) with President Bush walking past a row of photographers at the White House after her official welcome. But the photo cropped off the top third of Bush's head, and the caption whimsically referred to him only as the Queen's "American escort," as if he was a security guard or State Department flunkie.

Under the headline "Focus Group" (a play on all the cameras present), the Times summarized: "Before an A-list, white-tie dinner, the masses had a chance to see Queen Elizabeth II, with an American escort, at the White House. Page A19."

No word on whether the Queen was amused by the NYT's oddball caption.

Update (Ken Shepherd): Anchor Brit Hume of FNC's "Special Report" led off his May 9 "Political Grapevine" segment with this item, although he did not mention NewsBusters by name.

Rich Noyes
Rich Noyes
Rich Noyes is the Senior Editor for Newsbusters