Richard Belzer Emulates ‘Rosie O’Donnell School of Foreign Policy’ on HBO's 'Real Time'

Despite being the lone Conservative on Friday’s “Real Time,” National Review contributor Lisa Schiffren might have had the best line of the evening when she accused comedian and actor Richard Belzer of emulating the “Rosie O’Donnell School of Foreign Policy.”

As the discussion moved to Iraq, Belzer advanced the common liberal meme that the war was all about oil:

And now the Democrats are stealthfully working with the Republicans to take all the oil from Iraq and give, like a little bit to the Iraqi people. You know about that? Did you hear about that? This is an oil war.

Schiffren wasn’t going to let this pass without pointing out the obvious inanity (video available here courtesy of our dear friend Ms Underestimated):

That is clearly Rosie O’Donnell School of Foreign Policy.

This didn’t sit very well with Belzer, who actually got quite defensive, setting off the following delicious exchange:

Belzer: Well, it’s true though. Don’t call me names. That’s a fact. That’s a fact.

Maher: Why is that a name, Belz? Rosie O’Donnell?

Schiffren: Actually, I should have said, “Conspiracy theorists” which…

Maher: Well, he is a conspiracy theorist.

Belzer: But that’s not a conspiracy. That’s true. It’s a conspiracy between the Democrats and the Republicans to control all the oil in Iraq. So, you can’t dismiss that reality. I mean, you can call me whatever you want, you know. I’m made of rubber, you’re made of glue, but, it’s, it’s going on right now.

Maher: I’ve heard worse names shouted across this table than Rosie O’Donnell.

Belzer: No, I’m not offended by that. I’m just saying you don’t call somebody names…

Maher: I could have called you a nappy-headed Jew.

Jamie Tarabay of NPR: Well, I don’t think it helped anybody when right after the, the American troops moved into Baghdad right after the fall April 9 that they worked to secure the Ministry of Oil and left all the other ministries to be overrun by the Iraqis.

Belzer: And thousands of weapons were unguarded, and they’re killing our kids now with the weapons that we didn’t guard because we were so obsessed with oil.

So, is this Rosie O’Donnell School of Foreign Policy or not?

Well, reported on April 5 (emphasis added):

Despite claims by some critics that the Bush administration invaded Iraq to take control of its oil, the first contracts with major oil firms from Iraq's new government are likely to go not to U.S. companies, but rather to companies from China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Does this mean that American companies will be completely shut out as more contracts are awarded? That remains to be seen. However, the article made it clear that China seems to be best positioned for such awards in the future.

With that in mind, it would be interesting to know what facts Belzer had to support his contentions if any.

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