'View' Flashback: In 2005 Guest Host Rosie Warned of What Was to Come

On the June 7, 2005 edition of "The View," as documented by the Media Research Center, Rosie O’Donnell guest co-hosted the daytime chat show where she offered an omen to what the would later come true. Rosie verbally beat up on guest Sean Hannity where she exclaimed President Bush "should be tried at the Hague,"accused the United States of "torturing prisoners," and called Hannity "delusional." She even suggested Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is Cheney’s twin brother in disguise.

At the end of the interview Rosie made a comment that in hindsight, was a sign of events that would later unfold.

"This is why I don't have my own show anymore because I would do this every day and people would get mad."

Rosie foresaw the controversy that her daily perch on "The View" would add. Veteran journalist Barbara Walters did not.

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