The View: Gonzales Has 'No Brains,' But Sheryl Crow Is 'Amazing Activist'

On Tuesday's edition of ABC's The View, the targets included Bush guru Karl Rove and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Gonzales was portrayed as brainless....but singer Sheryl Crow was "amazing," a heartfelt activist. Rosie O'Donnell insisted Crow's toilet-tissue comments were just a joke, not a serious request. First, the conversation shifted mysteriously from being addicted to watching women fight on The Bachelor on ABC to the cluelessness of Gonzales. Token non-liberal Elisabeth Hasselbeck agreed he needed to resign. Snippets included:

JOY BEHAR: I don’t recall, 75 times. If that were me, I’d be in assisted living right now. The guy can’t remember anything 75 times. At the very least, he might have dementia....

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Why didn’t he know what was going on? And why didn’t he know a thing about the people he fired?

ROSIE O'DONNELL: Because he’s a puppet. He’s a puppet and he was the author of the torture memo...

BEHAR: This guy is like the Sanjaya of the government. He’s like all smiley, and teethy, and you know, no talent, no brains, and he just stays there.

The conversation then turned to another singer, Sheryl Crow and her blog post suggesting her new planet-saving ideas, like using just one square of toilet tissue. Rosie O'Donnell insisted it was meant to be humorous: "It was a joke. She wasn’t really saying everyone use one square. I mean come on. It was a joke. I made a joke, has she seen my fat ass? Of course, that’s like, news story, breaking news, 'Rosie and Sheryl Crow Feud.' We’re not feuding. I think she’s amazing...she’s not only a talented singer. She’s an activist. She’s really working on a lot of issues she cares about."

Look again at the blog post. It seems quite earnest, not a comedy routine, even though you could say that Crow's idea of a reality show that gives the "greenest" contestant a recording contract is obviously wacky.

Behar professed amazement that Karl Rove would suggest that Sheryl Crow wasn’t the same as "the American people" when he was confronted at the White House correspondents dinner. Hasselbeck sensibly noted "Maybe he assumed I’m not working just for you. I’m working for everybody and everybody may not feel the same way as you do. I’m not defending Karl Rove." She said Rove was hard to defend.

O’Donnell professed that with Hasselbeck "dissing" both Gonzales and Rove, maybe she’s coming around: "That’s a victory for America, ladies and gentlemen!"

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