Kos Blogger Mourns VT Mass Murderer As 'Scholar'

"Cho Seung-Hui, I Mourn Your Life and Loss"

So began the rambling eulogy of a Daily Kos diarist.

Here's just a sample of diarist Bcgntn's eulogy. Portions in bold are my emphasis.:

Cho lived in shadows, deep and dark. He attended classes at a
prestigious University. He was a scholar, a writer. Yet, he was
shunned. His dialect was odd, mumbled, and his words were difficult to
discern. This academic was nearing graduation, a scary proposition all
in itself. He did not feel excepted in the world. From what we know
of his history, he never had.

Thanks to NewsBusters reader hjmick, who noted coverage on imao.us, for the tip.

Update: I don't typically write about things on liberal blogs such as Kos, but given that other Kos diarists have had a field day with conservatives at National Review for voicing concern that no one tried to "rush" Cho to end his rampage, I thought I'd raise the item here.

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