Racism OK If GOPer Is Target

"Nappy-headed ho's" had been overused, so he went with the next best thing.


Sure, tbogg's a hypocritical racist, but making a racist attack on a conservative black woman is perfectly acceptable behavior for liberals.

Anticipate other liberal bloggers coming to his defense by sundown.

tbogg's comments echo those of Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau from April 7, 2004, which prompted this response:

Recently, Trudeau’s political observations ran a red light in referring
to the nation’s National Security Advisor, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, a
black woman, as "brown sugar." Frankly, the political satire in the
April 7, 2004 Doonesbury escapes me and most women I know, black or
white, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. It draws on
centuries of deep-rooted, wicked and indefensible portrayals of black
women. In doing so, it is decidedly unfunny. The only purpose served by
this cartoon strip is that it proved one sad fact: despite the
contentions of many, in 21st century America, race and gender still


The fact is that black women at the apex of power have struggled
long and hard for respect. The struggle still continues. This is why in
this context, references to black women as brown sugar are not funny.
It reminds us of the historical exploitation of black women in America.
It reminds us that there are those who believe that no matter how
accomplished we may become, no matter how educated we are, and no
matter how many books we read, black women should remain in "their
place," figuratively or literally. This place is one that is out of
public view.

tbogg joins a long list of liberals that feel it is their right to use racial slurs against black conservatives.

Some of these past racial attacks on Secretary Rice included Garry
Trudeau's "Doonesbury" comic strip having President Bush refer to her
as "Brown Sugar," Ted Rall's cartoon suggesting she was a "house nigga"
needing "racial re-education" and Jeff Danziger depicting her a the
slave "Prissy" from the movie "Gone With the Wind." Additionally,
former entertainer Harry Belafonte referred to Secretary Rice as a
"house slave" and "sell-out," while NAACP chairman Julian Bond called
her a "shield" used by the Bush Administration to deflect racial

And lest we forget, liberal Steve Gilliard's Sambo smear against another black conservative, Michael Steele.

Tolerance. It's a liberal value.

Except when they don't feel like it.

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