Geraldo and O'Reilly Almost Come to Blows!! Both Lose Cool

Simply wow, is all I can say to the segment on last night's O'Reilly Factor. Both of them lost their cool in the extreme.

O'Reilly screams that Geraldo wants "anarchy", Geraldo yells that O'Reilly wants to take illegal aliens and "do something to them" over the infuriating story of a drunk illegal who killed two teenaged girls in a Virginia Beach car accident.

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I have to say, in my opinion they were both wrong a little and right a little, but neither did his case any good by getting into a shouting match. O'Reilly made it solely an illegal alien issue, and Geraldo completely excused illegals of all wrongs. O'Reilly had the better point, of course, but both tried to make it a single issue discussion with Geraldo accusing O'Rielly of, in effect, being a racist and O'Reilly screaming that Geraldo might not care about his own teenage girls.

They both lost their cool and looked like raving lunatics, as far as I am concerned.

(Hat tip Media Bistro)