CNN Anchors Dumped, Rosie Looking to Ditch 'View' for Syndicated Riches?

In TV personnel moves, Howard Kurtz reports CNN has dumped its American Morning anchors Miles O'Brien and Soledad O'Brien (not related or married) for former Dan Rather heir apparent John Roberts and former Fox & Friends regular Kiran Chetry. (The Post also reported CNN anchor Paula Zahn is calling it quits on her 20-year marriage.)

Jim Benson in Broadcasting & Cable magazine reports that Rosie O'Donnell is saying she will decide in May whether to stay with ABC's crew on "The View" or cash in: "word comes that she is in negotiations about a potentially rich overall studio deal," and her asking price is "believed to be $40 million annually." He adds: "With O'Donnell's View contract ending in June, and recent boycott threats against Disney and ABC over her Sept. 11 conspiracy theories, rumors about her future plans are flying."

For her part, Rosie said she and her lesbian partner Kelli Carpenter and adopted kids will "take a family vote in May. We are going to decide then."

Benson wrote, "Studios must weigh whether the onetime 'Queen of Nice' will continue to gain strong ratings out of almost daily controversy if she goes solo. Says one doubtful industry executive, 'Horseradish tastes better when it's mixed than when it's alone.'"

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