Today: Hillary Plantation Remark "Ad-libbed"; Doing What "All Politicians Do"

When Republican leader Trent Lott made racially insensitive remarks, the MSM was immediately flooded with speculation as to whether he could survive in his political leadership post.

But when Hillary Clinton did the same, the Today show portrayed her as going on the offense, not being on the defense.

You might have imagined Today's graphic for this morning's segment would have read along the lines "Hillary Feeling the Heat". Imagine again. In fact it read "Off and Running? Hillary Attacks GOP." Offense, not defense.

Today also conveniently failed to mention that her 'plantation' comment was made in church. Even the New York Times was constrained to acknowledge that her remarks came at "the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem."

It would also appear that NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell is a proud graduate of the Bob Woodward School of Political Mind-Reading. Mitchell informed us that Hillary's comment was "ad-libbed." And just how would Andrea know that?

RNC chairman Ken Mehlman was given five seconds to criticize Clinton, but Mitchell undercut the message by describing Republicans as "pouncing on her remark." In Andrea's world, there was nothing inherently objectionable about what Hillary said, only in the way it was exploited by those tigers of the GOP.

Despite Hillary's underlining to the Harlem audience that "you know what I mean" by her plantation remark, former Clinton aide Lisa Caputo managed to keep a straight face while claiming "It's not about a race issue. I think we all know that." Right.

Black NYC Congressman Greg Meeks was then brought in to second Hillary's notion.

Finally, NBC political analyst Charlie Cook was hauled in to let Hillary off the hook: "I think it was probably just saying something that she thought the people in the audience would nod and agree with like all politicians do."

That's probably what Trent Lott was thinking too when he made his ill-considered remark. It cost him his leadership job. But with help from her MSM friends, Hillary's comments are seen as a savvy way to launch a presidential campaign.

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