Citing Michael Moore, "The View's" Behar Again Calls for Politicized Oscars

On the February 23rd edition of The View, co-host Joy Behar continued to call for more politics in the Oscars. This time, Behar cited Michael Moore’s Oscar winning speech in 2003 when he shouted out "shame on you" to President Bush. Behar then implied Moore was vindicated for his speech and the hostile response. "He was right and they booed him," Behar exclaimed.

Token non-liberal Elisabeth Hasselbeck predictably disagreed, but even guest co-host Sherri Shephard felt uncomfortable with political speeches stating, "I don’t want to hear that at the Oscars. I want them to accept the award." Behar felt that would be "boring." The exchange is below.

Joy Behar: "What I'm interested in is the political statements that they make sometimes. I know people hate this, but I, I want to hear it. One year, 2003, Michael Moore- remember Mi- Michael Moore won for Bowling for Columbine, and he went out- there he is, there he is - ‘shame on you Mr. Bush,’ he said, ‘Shame on you. Any time you got the pope and the Dixie Chicks your time is up.’ This is against the war. And the audience booed him and hissed him. And now, how many years later, people agree with him. He was right, and they booed him. So, I want to see-"

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: "Not all agree with his approach, though."

Behar: "Look, it's a forum."

Hasselbeck: "Like me."

Sherri Shepherd: "I don't want to hear that at the Oscars. I want them to accept the award."

Behar: "It's boring that show."

Hasselbeck: "I'm more interested in their fashion statements."

Behar: "I don't want to hear them thank their piano teacher."