WaPo Review of New FNC Comedy: ‘It Isn’t Terrible’

When a left-leaning newspaper reviews a new comedy show on the Fox News Channel, you shouldn’t expect raves. As a result, when Tom Shales of the Washington Post says that “The ½ Hour News Hour,” which previews Sunday evening, “isn’t terrible,” one has to take this as being about as glowing an assessment as humanly possible.

In fact, as difficult as it might have been for Shales to admit, he actually liked parts of the program, and surprisingly didn't seem too ashamed to say so in mixed company (emphasis mine throughout, h/t Hot Air):

All that aside, "1/2 Hour" definitely has its moments. Anchors "Jennifer Lange" and "Kent McNally" (Jenn Robertson and Kurt Long -- why didn't they just use their real names?) sit at a simple desk and deliver the facetious items without any of the dreadful, overboard mugging and mincing of "Daily Show's" obnoxious Jon Stewart.

Wait a minute. Back up the truck. In one paragraph, a review of a conservative comedy program in a liberal newspaper said good things about the former while disparaging one of the left’s favorite comedians?

Somebody pinch me.

As tough as it might be to believe, Shales continued:

On the other hand, a segment in which a "game-show host and climatologist" attempts to link all public events, including Britney Spears's lack of underwear, to global warming has its chucklesome side, as does a plea from "Girl No. 13 on 'Deal or No Deal' " to drum up more causes for Hollywood celebrities to support, because the supply is running low. The inevitable Barack Obama jokes include the observation that a minor scandal caused his popularity among Democrats to plummet "to an all-time low of 99.9 percent."

Shales’ conclusion was almost a warning to his readers:

But those on the left anticipating, and probably hoping for, some kind of ghastly disaster will be disappointed -- and may even feel like joining in the (apparently canned) laughter more times than they'd expect. In a nutshell: It isn't terrible.

I’m verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.

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