Actor Tim Robbins Calls President Bush an ‘Idiot Drunk’

Don’t you find it comical when supposedly tolerant, antiwar Hollywoodans feel the need to hurl childish epithets at their political opponents as they’re feigning moral superiority?

Such was certainly the case Friday when actor Tim Robbins published a scathing article about President Bush and the remaining percentage of Americans that still support the war in Iraq.

Maybe even more ironic was the title, “Our Better Adult,” and the assertion by Robbins that he and his ilk are the mature ones in America as he callously insulted the most powerful man in the world thusly (emphasis mine throughout):

So here we are again. A new year faces us, a clear message has been sent to Washington - and some might say the world - by the people of the United States. Get out of Iraq. And the idiot drunk of a president says, "I hear you."

Yes, Tim, that’s certainly behaving like a better adult. Yet, that was just the beginning of his vitriolic attack:

We are, despite the recent vote, still living in our fiction. We are still living in Orwell's Oceania, where truth has been turned on its ear, where black is white, day is night, and ignorance is strength. We live in a country that allows impeachment for a president that lied about an extra marital affair but reacts with contempt at the idea that lying about war is a punishable offense. The hundreds of thousands of dead, injured, and uprooted by this unnecessary invasion should just get over it. We meant well. There is no crime in lies that lead to death, only in lies that lead to semen stains. As long as this fiction, this absurd, diabolically criminal fiction is accepted we will remain in our prepubescent hysteria, wallowing in the pit that we allowed our leaders to dig us into, looking up at a mountain of twisted steel, breathing in the smoldering acrid air of our own failure, our own betrayal of our better adult.

Speaking of our better adult, how about that time in March 2003, Tim, when you threatened the life of the Washington Post’s Lloyd Grove all because he had the nerve to interview Susan Sarandon’s Republican mother? Remember the words you whispered in Grove’s ear according to his March 25, 2003 article in the Post: "If you ever write about my family again, I will [bleeping] find you and I will [bleeping] hurt you."

What was that you were saying about prepubescent hysteria, Tim?

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.