ABC'S Weir: Why Don't Dems Fight President, End War?

Interviewing anti-war Senator Russ Feingold this morning, Good Morning America weekend co-host Bill Weir offered his interpretation of the mid-term election results and virtually taunted Democrats for being insufficiently aggressive in confronting President Bush:

"Do you hold your party responsible, not only for the authorization, but for the seeming inability to muster a unified front to fight the president on this, to get what you want, and apparently what the American people wanted with the mid-term elections, and end the war?"

View video here.

Feingold, in full pass-the-buck mode: "This is George Bush's war without a doubt."

He continued: "Those Democrats who voted for it made a mistake, and many of them have said they shouldn't have done it [nice little Hillary jab, Russ], but the key now is, are the Democrats going to continue this momentum? Having this special session Saturday is the way to show that we're serious. But it has to be followed by very aggressive action to actually end the war."

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