Chris Matthews: U.S. Faces 'Humiliation' and 'Annihilation' in Iraq

It's one thing to call the war in Iraq tough and a struggle but it's quite another to say our brave fighting men and women in the region are facing "humiliation," and "annihilation," yet those were the words MSNBC's Chris Matthews used on last night's Hardball as he opposed the surge policy. During a discussion with the National Review's Kate O'Beirne and Democratic strategist Steve McMahon, Matthews once again threw his hands up in defeat as he depressingly declared the following on the February 15th edition of his show:

Chris Matthews: "I will repeat what I've said 100 times and will say 100, a 100 times more. The worst thing this president did in terms of U.S. policy was put our country, which we are in now, a situation where there are no good alternatives. That is not good leadership, to lead you into a blind canyon when all you can do is face complete humiliation over there, or continued annihilation over there and horror over there or this weird sort of redeployment stuff. I don't know what the great alternative is now. That's the failure of this policy, we done have any alternatives now."